Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy people, yeah, yeah yeah!!

what can i tell you about inmyskyvvys?
well, the website is
on it's way my little children
and new items are coming to fill a few heart's

yes, i see voids in some hearts because
of the lack of an inmyskyvvys
website as well as new garments.. but good news
happy people!!

my etsy page is up and running
and new items are being added
every week!
so be sure to click on this here link
and make a few purchases, ya hear?

God bless and all those nice things...

skyvvys ;)

Awesome finds are cool, no?

so i found this awesome new store
this shop online,
i was getting tired of looking thru forever
urban outfitters and the like
for clothes for me but with a little bit
of browsing and finger grease i found this shop:

Romwe - The Latest Street Fashion
cool huh?

have a browse and lemme know what
you think...

me out!

skyvvys ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011



the new INMYSKYVVYS page is up on facebook!

like it, become a fan, check

out the pictures...

do something..


just check out the page!

happy perusal --

skyvvys ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


i have a thing for pink
and i recently got this one
from synsue cosmetics and i'm laff
[reference to, "the boy's in laff" from coming to america -- the ones
as obsessed as i am by that movie will know
what i'm taking

i generally don't like pink
as a colour to wear anywhere on
my body in the form
of clothing.

i think i may have one thing in my closet
is pink.
[a hoodie -- just in case you wanted to know]

so that's me with my pink lips


skyvvys ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011


why the heck did i take so long to write this
i don't know..
maybe that's why i
find myself doing it at 3:48
a random friday morning

as long as it get's
done right?

so a couple of weeks ago was the DEBUT of my
fashion line
that shares the name of this here blog:

here are some pictures
from the


so what do you think?

skyvvys ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Unfinished Poesy...

our lives are like waves in the ocean:
they come and go.
some becoming tsunamis, destroying many;
and others breaking on the shore,
bringing sea shells and wonders from down under.

skyvvys ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


this totally explains what i'm feeling right now
at this moment
even as i write
ok maybe a little less as i write since
i'm letting it out.
but still...
i feel like i could bang my head against this desk
like this cartoon...
or against the blackboard (or greenboard in frustration)
i'm frustrated.

can you tell?

skyvvys ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


happy birthday to the coolest guy

on the face


the planet.

and that's my brother.

hands down.

skyvvys ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tryina get that last post in...

not really the last one
hopefully the second last one before the end of the year
and what a year it has been!

what sort of things affected my year?
the same sort of things that affected other young ladies'
year (as in 2010... or any other year for that matter)
-God (hmm, i never capitalize anything on this blog except for the titles but for this one i have no choice.. i mean it would just be rude if i didn't, and if there's one person you don't want to be rude to: it's the G-O-D... just sayin)

now let's get into it
because i can't list all these things and
not share any of the juice!
as my friend who works at king burger would say:

hmm, let's see... so the first one is boys
well not really the first one, more like the first
hehehe, how do boys not affect a young lady, seriously.
and that's all i have to say about that i think
maybe i'll have more insight some other time (like tomorrow), but
for now that's all i got!

school has its ups and its downs but it seems like
this year it has more ups then downs
which is wonderful!
i know it will only get better...
can't wait for that sun-shining day in 2012 when i
will be able to walk out of that school
without having to return in the fall

is simply just amazing. imagine you had a friend
that you beat up, cheated, lied about,
and pretty much dragged
through fire
but this friend still stayed around, waiting
for you to give him a call
and always happy to hear from you and ready to forgive
you after you treated them badly.
that's God. there's no friend on earth like that
so i'm keeping this cat close for sure in 2011.

is awesome. sometimes we fight. sometimes we don't talk.
but we always love. your family is who you choose, but if you're like me,
everyone around you is your family.
So love your neighbour, love your friends, love
your family and tell them you love them repeatedly
and often.
(yes i do realize that i was being
redundant there, it was on purpose)
if you have problems with a family member, make sure
to it either before the new year, or in the new year
doesn't matter when: just fix it.
we don't care about who's wrong or who's right, do
what you know you need to do.

can sometimes get on your nerves. mine certainly
get on mine. but they're special so they have to have their
listing from family. parents are like booster juice
they strain your pockets (pockets in this analogy stands for your nerves)
but in the end they give you such a boost and are
yummy and so cute!

my friends to me are family. so whatever
supposed to say here
was already said in the family section.

God is love, so don't let anyone ever tell you that love doesn't exist
because it does.
love is a choice as well as an emotion. love with your head and
your heart
but mostly with your head
because i heard somewhere that you can't trust your heart
and a lot of times that is a true statement.
love me because i'm awesomely amazing
and bring you superb entertainment through this
fantabulous blog (jk - an aside - i love the sound of jk it's just so funny, right after you say a joke you say jk instead of saying i'm joking... hehehe too funny)
most importantly, love yourself. if you don't
no one is going to love you
and you will not be able to love anyone either.
(you may also die a very sad and lonely life
and we don't want that do we.... no!)

in conclusion
these are the most important things that affected my year..
just wanting a little bit of feedback on this one
what are the sort of things that affected your year this

i seriously would like to know

skyvvys ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010


what is happiness?
happiness is being happy, right?
but being happy when?
does happiness only occur when something happens?
can you be happy even when nothing happens?

those are just a few questions
that go through my brain
from time to time

i'm happy

skyvvys ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


sometimes i get words stuck in my head
last time i spoke about having this stupid,
stupid song stuck there but now
it has been replaced by this
super intelligent word.
my sister informed me yesterday that getting
words stuck in your head is a symptom of schizophrenia...

should i be worried?

i spend a lot of time in the library.
i might as well change my mailing address to this one
because i'm always here
either working on a lab report, or a music theory assignment
that i do not understand, or whatever craziness the profs
decide to throw at me.
this word came to me when i was writing a
synopsis for a contest that i'm entering in
(i'm not even going to cross my fingers, but
i really want to win
that ipad)
i was looking for a word to describe the students that
come to the library with the intent of studying
but they eventually end up "insert word here"
watching their tv shows (or soccer -- akua, lol) on their laptops
all the while checking over
their shoulders making sure
that no one notices their lack of productivity...

ahh the student life...

skyvvys ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh you fancy huh?

for some strange reason i find myself
singing this song over and over
in my head.
oh you fancy, huh?
oh you fancy, huh?
oh you fancy, huh?
oh you fancy, huh?
nail done, hair done, everything done
and then it continues with some more
"oh you fancy huh"s.

such great music is produced in the
trenches of north america
such great poetic commentary on the
beauty of a woman.
on her physical appearance being so, so....

i'm tired of this shit.

yes i'm fancy, and what?

skyvvys ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who says all music has to be about interpersonal relationships? I'm going to sing about my white socks.

can you answer the question?
my theory is that, as long as we're stuck in this world
having to deal and live with humans
everything that we do revolves around us.
even our wearing socks deals with interpersonal
relationships because if decide to wear
sneakers without a pair of socks, the scent
emanating from your feet might disturb the person
sitting next to you.

i still wanna sing about my white socks,
and how they turn brown on rainy days when my
canvas sneakers get soaked.

wouldn't that be a great song?
i think so.

;) Skyvvys

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school, back to blog(ging)

i'm back from a long hiatus
yes i am selfish and therefore took a summer break without you're permission
i needed some time to myself,
some regeneration time,
and of course, some time to come up with frigging awesome
ideas for posts... of course.

i can honestly say that i had an amazingly: average summer..
went home to the parent's house,
chilled with friends..
worked some..
but the awesomest part of all was that i FINALLY
learned how to sew.
yes, i know.
it's about time right?
you're right, it really was...... do you guys wanna see some of the stuff i made?
duh! of course, you do... nosy people (hehehe)

this is one of my faves, that i made to wear to a wedding

maybe i should've posted this one first, because this is the first thing i've ever made all by myself..

anywhoo.. there's more to come, i've made way more than this but i just haven't gotten around to taking super awesome pictures of them..

i feel like this school year is going to be awesome, both academically and fun(ily) (i probably just made up a word/term). i recently joined the haitian student association (it's my second time in an ethnic club, the first time i was in the afghan club and it was awesome! now the one i'm in makes sense because of my haitian background.) we'll see what happens, i'm also in charge of fundraising for haiti through in the international house on my university campus... therefore it will be fun times. LASTLY a friend of mine and myself have a youtube show in the works. all i will say is MOGO MOGO!!

ps. the girl in the pictures is my lovely sister emmanuelle

skyvvys ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


recently i was asked to perform at a
haiti fundraiser
i thought what an excellent idea...
being the procrastinator that i am (unfortunately)
i waited until the day before to start practicing my performance
not a good look
i'm not saying that i bombed my performance
but due to a few loud persons
that composed the crowd, i almost burst out laughing
again, not a good look
one of the cool things is that
i got to wear one of my favorite dresses
i had previously worn it a the
congolese black history show
at ottawa u
and it's a little one shouldered number
with an african patterned skirt that
i loove!
it's one of my designs that i made
with the help of my mother

(ps. i miss brihn)
or should i say that she made with my help?
i got a lot of love about this dress and it got me thinking
that i keep designing all these clothes that i love myself
to wear them, myself, i should start sharing this
with the world
i had previously been thinking of starting my own
summer company where i
would design clothes and sell them
through an online boutique
but then i realized that i
hadn't done enough research to make all of that possible
and so i had settled for just learning how to sew
and leaving life open for future endeavours
but knowing myself i can't just sit there and do nothing
so i've been buying patterns
looking at fabrics
buying style books (vintage, no less)
again, checking out fabrics
i've finally made the decision
to make no decision and let God decide
i've gotten to the point in my life where
i feel as though i know nothing
God gave me talents and whatever He decides that
i need to be doing with these talents i will do

God bless my dudes!

skyvvys ;)